Slim In 6! (USA)


Endorsed by celebrity trainer Debbie Sieber, this DRTV product guarantees consumers they will reshape their body in 6 weeks!

Slim in 6 is a fast, fun and guaranteed way of losing weight. A series of movies over 6 weeks, starts you off from the beginning. Once you have mastered the first “Start It Up” video (after about a week) you move on to the intermediate “Ramp It Up” video (about 2 weeks), then finally the “Burn It Up” video (the final 4 weeks). As a bonus, you will also get the “Six Pack” video which works your abs.

Slim in 6 combines Cardio moves with Kick Boxing and Pilates. The only equipment you need is a Resistance Band. Which, when you order the videos, will arrive, included with the videos!

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If you put in the effort to lose the weight, Slim In 6 will help you lose the weight.



The phone number is 1(800) 714-7254

Contact Hours are Monday to Friday 6 am to6 pm, Saturday and Sunday 7 am to 3 pm (all times Pacific).


Slim In 6 is a member of Beachbody. (who is also the maker of P90X)