Disney World vacation and savings travel guide

This one is good for people in any country, and everybody goes to Disney World at some point, so get your Disney World savings travel guide now so you know how to make the best of your trip, for the least amount of money!

Beth Haworth, former Disney Cast Member and Best Selling travel writer, wrote the book (literally) on how to get a luxury vacation for a fraction of the cost that others pay.  This could mean the difference between spending a fortune on gimmics and tourist traps, and getting the best experience for the absolutely best price possible!

But things change every year, there are new attractions, rides, hotel renovations, and expansions every year.  The theme park is changing like crazy all the time.  Someone who went five years ago doesn’t know what to look for and steer clear of this year.  But Beth does, and she puts out a guide each year so you know you’re always getting the latest applicable information!

Watch the Greenville, SC News Interview to hear first hand from an anchor that took the advice and had a blast!